Peter and his friends plan on spending their summer at the lake, but a rainy day leads them to the museum of the inventor, tinkerer, developer and magician Andrew Benjamin Clayton Dillinger. After breaking into the house, they get trapped on the inside and they have to do everything they can to escape and each new room they enter, another task and riddle awaits them. The four friends have to solve every adventurous puzzle to escape.
Part 1 will feature up to 20 different and exciting rooms. Some riddles will challenge their intelligence, others will challenge their stamina. Some rooms will test their physical fitness, others will test their ability to concentrate.
Early on, Peter (14), Christopher (15), Danielle (15) and Sebastian (16) find a mysterious book, containing strange and funny rhymes and poems. After finding out that the book provides them with the hints they need to solve the puzzles, they are determined to win Andrew Benjamin Clayton Dillinger's crazy game.