At the moment The incredible inventions of the tinkerer Andrew Benjamin Clayton Dillinger is written and designed to be published as an eBook only.
iBooks store
The book will only be published in the apple iBooks store.
multi-touch interactive eBook
The cool thing about writing and creating eBooks is that you can do things you couldn't possibly do when writing an ordinary printed hardcover book. The book will therefore feature pictures and even 3d objects.
3d widgets
The center of the book are the different rooms of Andrew Benjamin Clayton Dillinger's museum. Each room presents a unique, sometimes dangerous new riddle. Therefore the coolest feature of the book is that each room will be presented in a 3-dimensional way. You can click on the 3d widget and go directly into the room, twisting and turning it in every direction. That way you will be closer to the action. You will almost feel like you're in the museum yourself.